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With over a decade in the industry and over 250 employees strong (and growing), Birch Mountain Enterprises is the proven and dependable fluid handling and steaming specialists. Primarily serving Fort McMurray’s oil sands clients, we are proud to be local and Aboriginally owned. Safety and quality of service are our number one priorities and we utilize the latest in industry technology.


We value our clients’ business and proudly serve nearly all major oil sands constructors and producers as well as numerous clients in other industries. Even in remote, difficult to access, or fly-in, fly-out locations, clients confidently rely on our staff and services.

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Simply put, If we can’t guarantee our employees can complete a job safely, we won’t do it. Our team of health, safety, and environment professionals provide corporate support and training to all levels of the business and work hard to maintain our excellent safety ratings. We are COR certified and compliant with all industry prequalification standards.