Looking for a company that encourages growth, offers flexibility to meet your lifestyle, and values what you do? You have come to the right place.

We offer:

*We require that all employees have the following certifications prior to hiring: valid and applicable driver's license for the position, Transportation of Dangerous Goods, H2S Alive, Ground Disturbance, OSSA, CSTS, WHIMIS, Standard First Aid and CPR.

** Applicants with all specified qualifications and prior experience will be given priority consideration.

Here are some things to expect when working for our company:
John Hubbard
Truck Driver

Employed with BME for 9 years
Originally from Cape Breton 

“I have worked for four other companies in Fort McMurray and, so far, BME is the best. The owners are present, accessible, and easy to talk to. Staff are treated fairly and I love coming to work every day!”

Nigel Phinn
Truck Driver

Employed with BME for 4 years
Originally from Toronto

“BME is a well-organized company that values their team. The owners are hands on and will jump in when required, staff are kept busy, and there are many opportunities for training and career growth.” 

Charles Clements

Employed with BME for 8 years
Originally from Prince Edward Island

“BME has been an amazing place for me to excel in my career. Starting out as a steamer 8 years ago, I progressed to a truck driver, hydro-vac operator, and now a supervisor. I get to work with a close-knit team of people making work feel like home. Staff are treated well, and the company offers lots of flexibility and opportunity.” 

Ray Nadeau
Class 1 Driver 

Employed with BME for 4 years
Originally from Timmins, Ontario

“I have worked in Fort McMurray for 10 years and this is the best job I have found so far. BME offers flexibility, a variety of equipment to gain experience on, and great compensation. The owners are young and relate to the lifestyle and professional requirements of staff. It’s also extremely rewarding to work for an Aboriginally owned company.”

Reggie O’Connor 
Operations Manager 

Employed with BME for 10 years
Originally from Nova Scotia 

“BME is one of the best companies in the region for career growth and opportunity. I am extremely thankful for the professional development and training I have received over the past 10 years to get me where I am today.”